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TM - Topic #152: Roadtrip

Everyone says that you have to go to California at least one time in your life to see it for yourself and having just gone up to San Francisco for the first time, it really is a neat place. You know, I've never done a lot of traveling when I was younger, but since becoming an important member in a team that believes strongly in what they're doing, I've been around this country a fair amount of times with my initiation.

Usually we arrive by air, but with Magneto's ability and the inconsistency of not being able to use a helicopter while traveling the streets, we're easily able to obtain a car and drive around. With the massive addition of new members within the past couple of days, they aren't granted the same privileges such as me, and have to stay behind and guard base, which gives me more freedom to explore. More often then not, I've been partnered up with some of these newcomers, but Magneto knows better and usually sends me alone to take care of a job because he trusts my judgment.

This also gives me the opportunity to see the city and get familiar with my surroundings. I like taking the car for a ride sometimes and just driving around, regardless if I have a mission or not.

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TM - Topic #151: Moral of Story
The moral of the story is...

You play with fire and you're going to get burned.

Unless of course you're me and you have the ability to manipulate it and make it do whatever you want it to, otherwise, yeah, you're going to have some pretty nasty scars for the rest of your life because of morbid curiosity, idiocy or whatever you want to call it. Watching people play with fire, that sick gleam in their eye glowing with the light, makes me want to see the looks on their faces when the flame gets out of control and covers their entire body.

But come on, I'm not going to really burn you unless you get in the way of a mission, or screw with me, but back at the mall when I was with Rogue and Bobby, I was just messing with that guy to see the fear in his face. Some people just don't know how to take a joke.

Why do you think they call it fire? It burns, and if you're brave enough to mess around with things you have no power over, then expect something bad to happen.

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TM - Topic #150: Tunnel
Write a ficlette inspired by the setting or mood of this photo.

When there was a still moment in his life, sometimes John liked to take walks to unknown places. His curiosity was more than enough to get him to explore, but he was not the type of guy who constantly took long walks to relieve emotions, so when he did go, it was a rare occasion.

Today just happened to be one of those days.

It'd been early in the evening when he ventured out into the woods that day. The sky was grey and the cool air had just arrived. Magneto hadn't given him any instructions that morning, nor had there been any activity, so John was free to do as he pleased. Not wanting to travel too far in case of an emergency, he stayed close to the base, but just far away enough.

Moments had passed and John found himself following a familiar dirt road into the middle of a path of trees towering above. This territory was not unfamiliar to John; he'd walked this path several times before, but today he felt like walking a bit further to see just what lie ahead. Surprisingly enough, he'd come to bear witness a once beautiful house on a hill that now stand admist the loneliness of decay.

But straight ahead of John's perspective, he saw that the path he stood on went directly under the hill in a tunnel that lead to the driveway. He was suddenly reminded of the secret pathways he'd sneak in at Xavier's mansion once found and how much fun it'd been to run around. The echoing of his footsteps underneath as he continued to walk was also a reminiscent of his old school, and for once in a long while, he might actually feel calm.

But like all good things that must come to an end, John suddenly felt the vibration of his phone and knew that he was needed back at headquarters. Maybe now that this place had been found, John could once again travel back when he'd have the time and fully explore such a unique place.

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TM - Topic #148: What keeps you up?
What keeps you up at night?

Not much keeps me awake, but I'm a light sleeper, so often I'll get woken by even the smallest of sounds. Like a certain roommate who can't keep quiet with his obnoxious laughing, or who suddenly has the urge to snore like a bear were hibernating right next to my bed. It's funny, because I'm sure I'm not the quietest of sleepers either, but at least they don't get woken up every time something non-quiet disturbs your rest.

There is one thing that does keep me up at times though, and that's only because I think too much when I'm bored or am lying and staring at the inside of my eyelids. I have many questions about things, well, about life, and because of that I can't get situated into a peaceful situation and allow myself to sleep. Some people would call me a troubled sleeper, but I don't think that's me at all. I don't sit and stare at the ceiling every night, and sure I get woken up way too easily, but what do doctor's know about my problem anyway?

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TM - Topic #147: Summer
Write about a memory of summer.

The best part of summer was always the break you were granted before the new semester of school started. Those that had a family were able to go home and visit, but those of us who had no where to go were welcome to stay at the mansion during those times. There was no getting up early, no studying, and lots of nights where one could stay awake and watch the sun rise and then sleep in to their hearts content.

Summer was filled with warm days, freedom, and the option of going wherever the hell we wanted to go. Not at any of the other seasons neglected us the right to be independent, just that summer was like a laid back uncle who didn't care what you did as long as you came home within the schedule.

I remember going into the city with Bobby and Rogue one time during the summer. To most adults, it's no different from every other day, but to people our age, kids who are still attending school, it's a very special holiday. Like Christmas came early and decided to stay for a couple months. I know I got into more trouble during summer, and Bobby often had to restrain me from causing an even greater deal of damage, but come on, I could've so easily gotten away with murder if it hadn't have been for my friends.

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TM - Topic #145: Tell the Truth
Tell the truth about something you usually lie about.

And what would be the fun in telling the truth when maybe, just maybe, I enjoy lying about things? It'd defeat the whole purpose of keeping it an enigma when they find out and you can no longer lie about what's been exposed. The secret would be out and the fun in stretching the truth would be gone.

Fine, you want me to reveal a lie? Want me to come clean and admit what I've fibbed about just so it'll make you happier to know what I'm avoiding coming clean about?

I am jealous. Of many things actually. Of the happy family my ex best friend has-- or had I really should say, which is probably my ow fault according to everyone witnessed there,-- or of the companionship he and Rogue share between one another despite the fact that she'll kill him if they physically touch. Of people not like us living happily without powers and not having to worry about who wants to kill you or what one can do to get rid of you all because you're a mutant.


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TM - Topic #144: Rebel
Have you ever rebelled? If you have, how did you do it?

If I obeyed the rules like the good boy that everyone wanted me to be then I'd be a different person and a complete loser to myself. I'd be the pathetic person I despise and hate. It's sad that the majority of adults want us to be something completely different from how we really are and even sadder when the young generation actually let's them control their lives. They need to live how they want to live, not what is in the best judgments of their parent's head.

I've rebelled against everything that I am not, nor would I ever consider wanting to be. Authority can shove it, the adults need to back off and let us live the way we want and humanity needs to deal with their own problems instead of blaming us for the shit they've got themselves into. The mutants aren't the problem, humanity is. They all are.

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TM - Topic #143: Revenge

Revenge to me is a force of action that allows people to carry out a certain task when someone you know has done something wrong to you. And you, the victim, want to get back at that asshole who hurt you in some way. I don't need a dictionary or some sociologist to tell me this, I just know that's how it works. Plain and simple.

Am I one for revenge? Of course. Have I actually committed an act of revenge myself? You know, I shouldn't even have to ask myself this question. Of course I have, and I have no problem doing it again.

It's not morally wrong wanting to get back at someone, lot's of people in the past, present, and future do this deed everyday and I say let them. It's a great way at releasing all that tension inside and hell, it's even funny sometimes with some of the outcomes of getting them back.

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ROTM - Prompt #1.22: St. Peter and Heaven
You died. So sorry. But now you have to argue with St. Peter at the pearly gates, in order to get in. Sell yourself, negotiate, bargain...just talk about how you'd do it.

Please. If St. Peter even sat through the whole ordeal of listening to me bargain myself into Heaven, I'm sure he'd be amused at how pathetic my attempt would be. I'm not a religious person now, but growing up, I attended enough Sunday seminars to know that negotiating after death wouldn't work to save one's ass. Once committing one of the seven deadly sins-- or breaking any of the ten commandments-- you'd be taking that slide all the way down into one of the levels of Hell without forgiveness.

Heaven is a place created to keep people from breaking the law. It was built for the soul purpose of keeping everyone fearful about the afterlife. If you sin, you go to Hell and suffer. If you keep on obeying the rules like a good sheep then you go to Heaven and exist peacefully. Honestly, those rules are a piece of crap!

People sin everyday; murdering, adultery, theft, and then by some miracle, when you go to confession, all your evils are wiped away on a clean slate to start it all over again. If you don't regret doing what you did. Maybe that same method works in Heaven, but doing what I did and then trying to say I'm sorry for it in front of St. Peter wouldn't do a damn. He'd know all of my atrocious acts, know I wasn't sorry for them and I'd be screwed.

But I don't even know why I'm getting so worked up over it. I don't believe a single word of these morally right and wrong codes since everyone is a hypocrite, and I don't believe in a Heaven or Hell the way most people view it.

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TM: Topic #141: Human Nature
Name one thing about human nature that puzzles you. (Or your own species/race, if you are not human and don't wish to do this on humans.)

They're inability to accept people for the way they are and refuse to acknowledge each other's differences, specifically the fact that humans and mutants are more alike then they'd like to believe, minus that slight evolution gene. At least that's what a small part in my head used to believe. Now I'm convinced with the ideal that we are an entirely different species from the homo sapiens that inhabit the planet with us and should be treated us such. So afraid that we'll take over everything they've worked so hard on, humans mock and torture mutants with jealousy and rage. Do they not realize a mutant can only take so much before he rebels against humanity and sees to it that they are shown just how dangerous one can be?

People can't accept that we're better than them. That's why their ignorant bickering is plastered over the news every day in every city. They fear what they can't understand, what they dread will come to overrule them soon if this mutant population continues. And like Magneto, I too can only take so much before I feel it is necessary to teach humanity a lesson. To show them that we are here to stay and they better learn to live with it or perish in the flames and die.

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ROTM - Prompt #1.21: Roast Em'
Choose three people you know and roast them.

I can give you a list of more than just three people I'd like to see lying on the ground burnt to a crisp done by my hands. I have, in fact, roasted several people who got in my way and the way of Magneto, but just three people? Okay then;

First on the list is Iceman. Everyone knows that fire melts ice, it's in the science books, so it's unbendable that he would be no problem to destroy. We trained in the danger room together all the time and I always came out on top. Problem is, when it came the time for us to fight against one another, to see who really was the stronger element, he showed up with an ability I'd never seen before. If I had known this beforehand, I would've been more prepared. I'd have amped up my powers and really tried to melt that icicle. There's nothing like "next time" to really test those gifts of his.

Second on the list is Rogue. She burned me in the past and it was time I return the favor and burn her back… And I mean it in a more literal sense. I'm an idiot for even thinking that someone as cowardly as her would even like me. The only reason why she'd hung around me was because of her boyfriend. If I hadn't have been friends with him in the first place, then she'd probably never even acknowledge my existence. That's why I'm not sorry if she actually perished in that fire at the cure station back in New York.

Lastly on the list are the humans. I group them as one because they only stand for one thing; prejudice against mutants. I don't think twice about those who stand in my way and feel that if they're burned trying to stop the mission then it's their fault.

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ROTM - Prompt #1.20: Payback
Write a fic on the topic of payback.

"An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind." I guess you could say that, but I'll take more than just the eye to get my payback. Then of course there's that saying "Paybacks a Bitch." Yeah, it is actually. And no matter how you want to quote it, either way, getting my revenge won't be pretty. If someone wronged me, or did something to humiliate me, you'd better expect that I'd come back at you with something far worse.

In the past, I didn't do anything about it, let it slide past me and felt the guilt of not doing anything build up, but now that I'm older, and gifted with these powers, I'll make sure that no one goes unnoticed. And what type of person would I be if I got back at one person but then let the other one go free? It wouldn't be fair, and I'd never settle that anger inside until the job got done either.

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